Fernström did himself assign opus numbers 1-99. He also created several compositions without assigning any opus numbers. These have here been given numbers above 1000.

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Opus Hidden Title
-- 9999 Corporal Tin Soldier Show
-- 9999 The Taming of a Schrew Show
-- 9999 The actors enter Show
25a 25 Echnaton Show
58a 58 The Wedding of the Isis' Sisters Show
70a 70 Supplementary music to A Midsummernight's Dream Show
71a 71 Around the World in 80 Days Show
75 75 Enchanted glasses Show
82b 82 Niels Ebbesen Show
82c 82 Hamlet Show
83 83 La vida es un sueno Show
86a 86 The Merchant in Venice Show
87a 87 Ni-Si-Pleng Show