About listening

Limited selection

Many recordings exist for several of the works. In most cases we have selected one or a few recordings of a work for listening. The choice depends as much on sound quality and randomness as on the musical qualities of the performers. It is possible to get access to more recordings by having an account on this site. Please contact us using the the contact form for this.

Sound quality

We stream the sound in MP3 quality for two reasons: it is the most efficient format to use on the Internet, and also we do not want to compete with the commercially available CD recordings, which provide a better sound quality. For musicians and "audiophiles" it may be possible to access the recordings with a better quality. Please contact us using the the contact form to discuss this possibility.


In addition to the composer's rights, other rights, such as artists and editor rights, may apply to some of the recordings. As far as possible, we have acquired the rights to stream the music with limited sound quality. If some right owner feels that rights are over-stepped, please accept our apologies and contact us using the contact form.


In order to listen to the recordings on this site you need to use a reasonably modern web browser. If you see a message that "audio is not supported" it is time to update your browser! For the playlists your browser needs to have Javascript enabled.