Broadcast performances

Title Musicians
Sinfonia Breve Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Poul Jørgensen Show
Theme with variations Olof Höyer, piano Show
String trio. The Norrköping trio The Norrköping Trio: Tamas Vach, Ivan Kasow, Livomir Dragov Show
Suite for Violoncello and Piano Hege Waldeland (cello), Dag Achatz (piano) Show
Overture to the Opera Achnaton Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Sten-Åka Axelsson Show
Songs of the Sea: Langebo, Hedvall Örebro Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: Lennart Hedvall. Solo song: Karin Langebo Show
Songs Ewy Bråhammar (song), Jan-Åke Larsson (Piano) Show
Symphonic Variations Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, cond. Kjell Ingebretsen Show
Kåge Jerlander sings Fernström Kåge Jerlander (song), Anders Hörngren (piano) Show
Scanian Rapsody unknown Show
Sten Frykberg presents the Concerto for Clarinet Musica Svecia. Conductor Sven Verde. Solo Claes-Merithz Pettersson Show
String Quartet 7. First performance The Konvicka Quartet: Herbert Konvicka, Erik Ekelund, Gunnar Andersson, Georg Rastenberger Show
Symphonic Prologue. Furst Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Cond. Janos Furst Show
Symphony No. 2. Helsingborg Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. Cond. Claude Génetay Show
Scanian Rapsody Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. Cond: Felix Cruse Show
Clarniet Concerto Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. Cond: Felix Cruse, Solist: Ingemar Forsén Show
Symphony No. 12 Gothenburg Radio Orchestra. Cond: Carl-Rune Larsson Show
Violin Concerto No. 2 Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Cond: Sixten Eckerberg. Violin: Kai Laursen Show
Suite from the opera "The Weeding of the Isis Sisters" Malmö Symphony Orchestra. Cond: Sten-Åke Axelsson Show